When someone misses you [plus my comments]

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Girl Facts:

When a girl is mean to you after a break-up
she wants you back but she is too
scared she’ll get hurt and knows
you’re gone forever!

No, see this just means that the bitch is pissed. And if you broke it off with her and she was feeling you, of course she’s going to be mean. What is she supposed to do welcome him with open arms? I wouldnt. Most girls wouldnt. That’s not why she’s mean. Not cuz she wants you back. It could be the reason but it’s not the only reason. We aren’t like childish boys. Cuz you know when boys like a girl they are mean because they have issues. Girls are more awesome then that 🙂

when you catch a girl glancing at you,
she wants you to look back
and smile

It could be you have something in your teeth or something. She could be a creepy girl… watch yourself. That is kinda true though. If she’s hot then that’s awesome. If she’s not you better not look. She’ll get all hot and think you’re diggin’ her when you’re really just looking back cuz you can’t believe how ugly she is. And she’s going to remember that for a long time.


When a girl bumps into your arm,
while walking with you
she wants
you to hold her hand

She could just be un balanced or something. Or you’re just walking to close that yea your arms are going to bump. Doesn’t mean she wants to hold your hand. If she’s awesome like me, if she wants to hold your hand she ain’t gonna bull shit and bump into your arm, no. I wanna hold your hand damnit I’m holding your hand!

when she wants a hug
she will just stand there

Okay… then she’s kind of an idiot. What happens if he just walks away huh miss? Cuz you wanted to just randomly stand there, hoping that the guy read this myspace message, well hoping that the guy read this myspace message and REMEMBERED all of this shit, and he didn’t so that would be pretty fuckin’ lame. I hope girls don’t just stand there when they want a hug. You will make me look bad as a fellow vagina haver.
When u break a girls heart
she still feels it when
you run into each other 3 years later

that could be true. depends on how much she loved you. Damn does that suck. It sucks especially when you thought you were over someone, and then like you see them one day and alllllll that shit rushes back like it was fuckin’ yesterday when they left you. I’ll give you a hug darlin’.
When a girl is quiet,
millions of things are running through her

Or she just doesn’t know what the fuck else to say.

When a girl is not arguing,
she is thinking deeply,,

When I’m not arguing, that means I’m beyond pissed. So back away slowly… if she is thinking deeply and not arguing you better hope you’re not dating a psycho bitch…
When a girl looks at you with eyes full of
she is wondering how long you will be

Or she could be wondering why the fuck she’s with you. She could be trying to figure out how to get rid of you. She could be trying to figure out how someone so wonderful would even want her.

See I can think of something good to say

When a girl answers, “I’m fine,” after a
few seconds,
she is not at all fine

And she’ll get pissed if you let it go. sometimes. sometimes she wants you to dig. Not just be like “alright” but you know everyone doesn’t do that.
When a girl stares at you,
she is wondering why you are playing games

Isn’t this like that eyes full of questions thing? It’s the same difference. That could be one of the questions in her eyes. Think of more things to say.

When a girl lays her head on your chest,
she is wishing for you to be hers forever

That’s cute. I better watch the next guys chest I lay on for they will freak out and think I wanna devote my whole life to them.

When a girl says she can’t live
without you,
she has made up her mind that you are
her future

Isn’t that kinda like a given? If she doesn’t plan on living without you, then of course that means her future as well. If she means it. She could be one of those bitches who says what they think they are supposed to say. stupid bitches.

When a girl says, “I miss you,”
no one in this world can miss you more
than that

You don’t know that. She could be missing you, and missing someone else, and that one dude too. Your mom could be missing you more than that. That’s not a fucking given.

–Guy Facts:

When a guy calls you,
he wants to be with you

Seriously? That’s what you’ve come up with? If that’s the case then I feel pretty shitty because guys don’t call me. Well never mind. Ruben calls me 😉 And I’d like to think he wants to be with me. Kay I guess that could be right. But only like… 15% right. Or yea they call you for sex. But I’m not trying to count sex.  
When a guy is quiet,
He’s listening to you…

Well… both of you shouldn’t be talking at the same time I mean that’s rude. I would think if we both were talking at once he’s not necessarily listening because we both are talking… Yea. Nice going.
When a guy says, “I’m fine after a few
he means it

He could or he could be lying. being that guys don’t like to open themselves up because they are stupid so he’s not going to tell you. Unless he’s awesome and likes to be open with his feelings.

When a guy stares at you,
he wishes you would care about him and
wonders if you do

Or if you’re hot and he’s like a typical guy he’s probably just thinking about doing naughty things with you. Thinking about your hotness. Maybe he just thinks you’re awesomely beautiful.

When your laying your head on a guy’s
he has the world

Yes. When I Dyamond is laying on a guys chest, he DOES have the world.

When a guy calls/texts/comments/messages you everyday,
he is in love

Or just obsessed with you.  Or he just really likes you and just wants to keep in touch. I talk to people i like on a daily basis. I am not in love with them. But I’m not a guy. But still I believe that they feel the same way. They just think I’m awesome. Not in love.

When a (good) guy tells you he loves you,
he means it

Amen to that.
stupid guys think it’s like a password to finally get you to let them have your goods.

When a guy says he can’t live without you,
he’s with you till your done

Well the last guy that told me that cheated on me.

When a guy says, “I miss you,”
he misses you more than you could have
ever missed him or anything else

I’d like to think so, but I doubt that that’s the case.

repost this in 10 minutes and your true
love will
call you

if you don’t,you will die unhappy..

was there someone in your mind as you read this??

welp I guess since i have a life and i went to eat and blow dry my sisters hair so it took me like 20 somethng minutes to post this, my “love” will not call me and I’ll die unhappy. Oh well.

I’ll live.

Post this as:

IF YOU’RE A GUY “When a girl misses You”


IF YOU’RE A GIRL POST IT AS “when a guy misses you

what if we are bisexual? Can we post it as when a guy or girl misses you?
what if we are gay? Why do we have to follow your rules huh?




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Sometimes I just sing.
No words, just notes.
Sometimes I feel like at that moment I sound my best.
And i guess that’s good and bad.
Because the times where im just belting our notes, I’m usually hurting inside. And that’s my way of making it better.
I can’t do it when anyone is home usually because it gets loud, I start to cry, but then at the same time it sounds great.
And I feel so good.
It’s like I’m emptying out all my problems in that sitting.
And I feel so refreshed. Even more refreshed than writing a blog.
I’m just doing this because im not tired.

You’re so full of shit dude. And I try to like… believe you anyway because i believe you’re a good person. But all in all you’re full of shit.
And if you’re really really coming back here, I know it’s not for me. I’m not all that stupid. You have a girlfriend who lives here. Which makes sense why whenever you came down i was never able to see you for whatever stupid excuse you had. You’re coming home to her, and to your friends. not to me. I’m just an added bonus. But then again it’s been like 3 years. I should’ve let you go a long time ago. But hey I’m stupid. And you are a liar. And your words aren’t special for they are just words. And your actions, just little simple things that i notice make me know that you’re lying. And I’m not really number one. I know I’m not. And see that’s okay. But it’s not okay to lie. And say the “right thing” always be upfront with people from the get and let them know. Don’t let them have to guess and figure out on their own. It makes matters worse. I hate that. And it’s tampa anyway not here. Not like I’m going to go all the way to fucking tampa to see you.

I’m sure she will.

I’m sure that’s enough for you.

I’ve been wondering without asking, without letting on or hinting, and it’s been revealed and my question is answered and i feel pretty lousy now. i feel pretty stupid rather. and as nice as you appear on the inside, doing what you do, purposely doing what you do because you’ve probably figured me out isnt cool. isn’t nice. and it hurts my heart. and that hurts pretty bad.

i don’t like exposing myself to people who don’t deserve it.

i think I’m going to start playing WoW again because i miss it.

rpg games are SO the shit.
I wouldnt mind being a nerd who meets up at the friends house and play on a table with all the fellow hot nerds every week religiously because you have to. that’s fucking awesome.

nerds are incredibly sexy. especially if they have great hair.

my butt hurts.

it’s funny what is going through your mind while you’re around people. While you’re scanning the room and judging their looks. Everyone does it. I always feel awful after i do because I just smile at them and be nice. but on the inside im just like dude… why wear that shirt? Your like… stomach blubber is like all hanging out. totally not cute. maybe you should like buy a girdle or something to hold all that in…. and then i think okayh stop it dya. that was mean. she can’t help that. but still doesn’t she know it’s not cute? No no… don’t say that dyamond that’s not nice. but still… Or, dude stop looking at me! And you don’t even think I realize you’re staring but you are. Don’t be jealous. You’re cute just not quite as awesome as I am. And well yea I guess that’s a reason to be jealous.

carry on.

i get poly relationships. they are seriously cool. and people who live that lifestyle are awesome.

i wish there was someone who had everything i wanted but they don’t. some people they are like almost perfect but they’re missing like little things.


i wish that i had a guy who was just as gorgeous as zach. and has that thing where he doesn’t know how sexy he is even though he’s soooo hot!
with a sweet personality like angel.
who caters to all my needs like Dan
who i can headbang with like with paasha
who will sit up and play maple and wow with me for hours like manny
who is dedicated and loyal like him too.
who will make me their [sex] slave like chad
and can draw me to them without even trying like gino.
and kisses me at stoplights like him too.
and who puts me up on such a high pedastal, making me feel like I really  am a goddess and loves me unconditionally like Bou.
who gives me fantastic out of this world compliments and hopefully mean them too like Ruben.
who always loves me the same if not more because of who I am flaws and all like Andrew.

and i could go on and on but you get it. if only i could mesh all of them together into one super sexy perfect guy/girl but i can’t. which sucks because id do it.
so i get it.

this makes me wonder what I’m lacking that people would search for?  because as awesome and amazing as I am I know I’m not the total package. I’m not perfect for anyone. And if you say i am it’s not true. But I’m curious what I’m lacking for other people. A person is never completely perfect it’s always something that makes them almost perfect.

I just wonder what that something is for me.

specially since i can’t seem to keep anyone in my life. they start out really digging me and then they get involved and then they aren’t anymore. They are gone. And I never know why. I wish i knew. And I wish they didnt leave. But they always leave.

guess it’s something i just better get use to


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It’s funny because I shake when I don’t write a blog and I know I want to.
I tried not to because I feel that some people are just like yea i know she would write a blog. And sit and laugh at me. Because they feel they know me so well. But I had to. Because it’s just how I get everything out. Almost everything.

If your friend comes to you and says they don’t know how to be happy, don’t give them little things to do and then when they say no say that they are just fucked. Don’t say that. obviously if they shared that imformation with you they aren’t feeling too well. It’s your responsibility as a friend to help if you can. If not say some TRUTHFUL meaningful words if you have them. Something that may make them feel better. Don’t say well they are just fucked because watching tv or talking to their mom won’t cure their sadness. Maybe you could cure their sadness if you wanted to. I’m just saying.

I feel like people like to make a fool out of me. Just because they can. I feel like most people don’t care that I actually believe what comes out of their mouth. Some people. And then the people who I openly express that I do not believe them, tell me that I should. But then later on down the path I realize that that wasn’t a wise decision.

I’m tired of people feeding me words and things that sound nice but aren’t true. things that they don’t mean. It hurts. I’m sick of it, and it makes me angry. It’s like why do you say these things? why lie to me? what’s the purpose? I don’t get why you would want to do that to someone. Say one thing and then do another. Or your actions speak differently then what you say.

If I was really your everything, if I really was your life, if you really thanked God every single day because you had me in your life, then how come when the other pretty girl came around suddenly “I’m single.  Definitely not with anyone.” You were thinking about me when you were telling her all the things you wanted to do to her? You weren’t. But yet I’m still supposed to believe that all of that is true. You don’t cheat on the person who is your everything that you are madly in love with that you thanked God for.

Fucking liar.

If you really loved me, then why leave me just because? And then when I asked you if you love me, then why can’t we work out whatever problems you are having and you just say I don’t know and just stop talking to me… how is that love? It’s not. You lied. It wasn’t true.

If you missed me soooo much. If I’m so perfect, If I’m really the most beautiful woman you’ve ever been with or known, then how come with as many times as you’ve been back down here just because, i didn’t see you not once. didnt contact me while you were here. But yet I’m the person you’ve been dying to see for allll these years. it doesn’t show. And you wonder why I don’t believe you now.

You said I love you and I told you to say it when you were ready. You apparently were. You left me suddenly and I was extremely hurt. But yet you want me to believe you now. Suddenly you love me for real. But you said it and you didn’t mean it then so I’m in no rush to believe you now.

If I’m more amazing then I know, if you really thought that about me then why the sudden not talking to me? Why just kick me to the side and i just get a simple “sorry it is what it is.” You pretty much made me feel like a fucking idiot.

gotta fucking love that.

I always tell people just be real with me. Tell me the truth. You would think they would just say ok. And yea they do. But they say ok and they lie. That’s so fucking upsetting. And it just gets to the point where yea now if someone says something like that I’m not going to believe it. Not right away. And their actions have to match their words. It can’t just be words. Because people say shit all the time that they don’t mean. And it’s just hard for me to just believe things, when people haven’t given me what I asked for and just lie and hurt me continuously. I’ve been screwed with way to much to where I’m so fucked up inside I don’t know how to feel how to function. I want someone to help me and to love me but I’m scared to let people near me because I’m so damaged.

But I still just want love.

And I hate to question what people say when I do feel in their heart that they are good people.
I don’t wanna believe that Bou’s words aren’t true. She’s a sweet girl. She’s a fantastic friend.
But deep down, I don’t fully fully believe every word you say.
I do believe you, not 100% but I do.
I hope that that will change.
Cuz I know you are a true friend to me.
sometimes people fuck it up for other people.

Ruben says things that I don’t hear from anyone.
He says he’s telling the truth.
Problem with you is I can’t tell when you’re being serious or when your joking. I can’t distinguish between the two. I don’t know what I’m supposed to believe and take seriously and what to let go and shrugg off because it’s a joke or you just talking. And then I’m just scared you’re going to make a fool outta me just like everyone else has.

totally don’t need the pain.

I’m so sick of hurting.

i seriously need a hug.

a real hug.


i should’ve went to ibar.

is this how it’s supposed to feel?

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So I have this friend and he’s been my friend since the 10th grade. We got together before senior year he moved away yada yada yada that was the end of Dya and the Red Head. But we’ve kept in touch ever since then. And throughout the entire time I’ve known him he’s always been upfront and honest with me about every little detail in his life. The good and the bad. He tells me I probably know the most about him and I am the only person he truely trusts and it shows. I appreciate that. Because he told me things that well that i would never tell a soul if i were in his shoes. but he trusted me and he comes to me for my support.

So today or tonight rather, I shared with him something that I’ve not shared with anyone. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to trust someone enough to ever speak of it to another human being again but i did. I felt like I should talk about it. Because people keep telling me that talking about my problems would help so I tried it since this particular thing has been wieghing down on my mind and fucking up my insides for the past 4 years. 

It did make me feel a little better, but just a little. But it pretty much just made me feel like I felt…. yea. And I’m just thinking… do people really mean it when they say talking about your problems help? Because I don’t see how it helped. And I talked about a big problem. And he was accepting as always because he never sees me in a bad light which is why I trust him. But I’m still just waiting for the relief cuz all it did was made me cry.

I opened up I don’t regret it but I don’t like how I feel. It made me feel bad. It made me feel awful and it made me cry. Does it take time to feel relief? Does it take time to get better? Is there certain things you talk about and certain things you dont? I don’t know how this opening up thing is supposed to work.

But I don’t like it.

So you all were wrong.

Talking about your problems does NOT help.


Life is too short.

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And I’m tired of being afraid.
Why am I afraid? Because life taught me some things?
And yea I learned them the hard way. I learned them from experience.
But I don’t think the universe teaches you lessons so you can hide and do EVERYTHING different you know?
It’s like alright, have fun. Just be a bit more careful next time huh?
Life is what we make out of it you know? And who is to say we’ll be here next year?
People die. And they don’t know it. Sometimes accidental sometimes not.
I just wanna live. And stop being scared. Not make stupid choices, but stop being stupid and shutting people out because of what I think they might do, because of what everyone else has done. I’m tired of being angry over little little things. Because that time I coulda just let whatever made me mad go, I coulda been happy. I want the happy times to outweigh the sad and depressed, scared blah blah blah times…

I thought about this once, and it was when I was just really really going through alotta shit. And I was just like if there is a God, then why would he let me go through this stuff?

A. There are people going through way wrose shit than I am.
B. The universe gives us free will. We can think and act and do what we want. No one is MAKING me sit here and mope. Because if I’m negative and sad, more negativeness and sadness is going to make its way into my life. If I change that, then it’ll work the other way around. So that’s when it all made sense to me as why he was “letting me” go through this stuff. It’s pretty much because I choose my own path you know?

I’ve been happy these past few days without reason. Someone asked me well a couple people asked me why are you so happy? And I was just like I don’t know. I didn’t have a reason. And dude that was such a good feeling you know? Just to be happy nothing special going on at the moment just happy. That’s how I want my life to be. That’s how my life WILL be from now on. Happy. And not scared. I’m done being scared. I’m done treating everyone the same way because some stupid person did me wrong. Everyone isn’t bad. I’m not bad. Not getting angry will be hard for me though because I get mad at everything. I have a short temper and one small thing can fuck up my entire day when it doesn’t have to. It’s stupid. Why let one bad thing ruin the fantastic day you have?

I had a wonderful day today. I cleaned, I ate quiznos. I went shopping with Gino, then we got coffee, then we watched a movie. While watching that movie I found out that my brother wasn’t home. That pissed me off. Becuase my ma was pissed I was mad because I had to leave, and it fucked up my whole day. I get home, and my brother had been here the whole time. The ringer was off and he simply didn’t hear it. I spent all that time upset when I had no reason to be. I didn’t have to let that ruin my day. I’m happy again and my day isn’t ruined. I got things done, I spent some time with a wonderful guy [[who is still pretty shitty.]] and now Im here relaxing. It’s that easy.

I also felt myself goig into freakout mode because I think this guy is great. Yea we discussed this in that one blog walking through fire or something like that. But in the middle of that I just said fuck it. Why? Because I’m afraid I’m going to like him too much and he’ll leave and I’ll be hurt? Oh well. At least I gave it a shot. But I’m not going to do any what if he does or what if he isn’t or whatever. Takes too much time. Life is too short like I said. This time that I’m spending worryig and stressing and being afraid, I can just… like him. Embrace it, be open with it. Let it flow freely. And if he is stupid enough to walk out of my life then okay. It may hurt for a moment but at least I did give it a shot you know? I can’t sit here and worry about what HASN’T happened.
Just going to think positive and know that I made a good decision. No more over thinking. It’s okay for me to like without fear 🙂 Because thinking about it now, it really is just unneccesary.

🙂 So I’m done. Time for me to live, and love with no regrets.


Feeling very opinionated today.

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kay so like I’ve been waiting for the past two weeks for this thing to happen. And I had to wait until like there was 20 minutes left in the day to actually see who I’ve been waiting two weeks to see! But it was worth it. Even though I have to clean my moms nasty shower. -cringes- My like for the person did not go down, I think he’s awesome, and well I can see us having alotta fun together 🙂 So yay. Still happy.People think drinking is no big deal. And it’s not. It’s when you get drunk and hammered when it because completely and utterly STUPID! In my opinion it’s one of the most idiotic choices you can make. One of. Meaning there are lots more stupid things you can do in your life and to youself. Why would someone want to purposely get drunk? You can’t talk right, you can’t walk right, you can’t make good decisions… You sometimes do things and then in the morning you won’t even remember! You throw up which is… disgusting and you know there’s a whole lot more stupidness involved and that can happen while you are under the influence. And then you wake up feelig shitty and its your fault! I don’t get it. Like hearing people talk about it they are so thrilled! And they talk about how they threw up a shitload or hurt themselves or woke up naked outside…. and I’m like yea. you totally don’t sound like an idiot for doing that. Although you dont really have much control over your judgement whule your doing it, you did before when you were drinking earlier. And they name all these bad things that happen, and then they are like “can’t wait to do it again”


seriously…. seriously why? I mean some people drink because they have problems so they go out with their friends because they are fuckin’ miserable, they guy drunk do some STUPID shit and then wake up the next morning feeling sick, AND with the same problems. So guess what you just solved? Noooothing. Go you. Round of afuckingplause huh?

heh… now if you are a number of  my friends who go out and do this, don’t be all mad at my post because you know I still love you 🙂 I think your stupid for wanting to get hammered, but your still cool. Just a bit of an idiot. And most likely I’ve already told you what I think of it. So don’t let me call you and you not talk to me. Because I’m not singling out any one just so you know. Like I said, I was just feeling opinionated today.

This is America.

It’s amazing how like the enviroment your in, something as simple as the school that you go to, can make you a totally different person. I’ve seen alot of people that I went to middle school with, and after I went to edgewater and they went to Evans, they were totally different from me. But back when we were at the same school we were totally on the same page. They had different morals, they spoke differently, dressed differently… It was amazing. But they didn’t change for the better mind you. Not saying that if you went to Evans you were automatically like goind to suck at life because some people who went or go there aren’t influenced by their peers which I’m so glad that those few of you I know are staying true to who you are 🙂 But seriously it’s like thier innocents or something went away and they dumbed down, they didn’t have their head on straight. One girl who use to be my best friend was just a ultra wild…. hoe. And I was just like what happened? Seriously?  But they would say I changed to which yea I did but I didn’t change because of the enviroment I changed and started being who I really was instead of hiding behind who I was not. And that startled some people and maybe thats what they did to? I don’t know.

But umm my ex boyfriend sent me a message a few days ago, just checking up on me. How nice of him. So I went to his page and it said something like “I made it to 18 Grandma” now he’s one of the ones who did go to my school, but he lived in eatonville… ’nuff said. BUT when we went out years and years ago I think I was in what my freshman year? Freshman yr then my sophmore year but he hadn’t been dow here very long at all. So he was nice and sweet and trying to find his place. And I just slowly watched him transform and I just shake my head… I don’t get that. Why would you want to live a lifestyle to where you are trying not to get shot up? Going around being violent doing things that can cause you to go to jail. I don’t get it. Why not “I got my degree grandma” “I finally have my own buisness grandma” Why not give your grandma or whomever something real to be proud of you for. Turn your life around. Make something of yourself. Not selling drugs or what not but a REAL career. See how your grandma, your mom, your dad thinks of you then. And I use to have a problem with people who LOOKED the part and yea I still do because I’m not attracted to that. But just because someone looks that way doesn’t mean they are. There’s a few people at my job golds in their mouth, dreads, blah blah blah but they are making really good money… they are serious about their jobs, and they arent being foolish with it which is good that they are being smart and not following society. I may not wanna date anyone who looks like that but I will look at them differently then the ones who are “just tryin’ to make it to 18”

Dude do you know where the best place in the world is? The fucking dollar store! Not dollar general or family dollar because they are misleading their stuff is cheap but its not a dollar. Dollar Tree. OMG I went there the other day and I was baffled. Seriously. Because I’ve been there when I was younger with my mom she bought me things but as I got older she went I didn’t go or I just didn’t ask for anything. So friday, I actually decided to go to the dollar store by myself for the first time. I fell in love. I fell in love with the dollar store. Did you know you ca get a trashcan there? Allllll your cleaning supplies? You can get dishes!!! I didn’t know they sold dishes in the dollar store! I got hand sanitizer and razors and air freshner. I had to put some stuff back because those dollars add up. But boy was I a happy fuckin’ camper when I left there. 🙂

Dude the vagina is so cool. It is. We have a clit that’s there only for pleasure. And then we have the gspot inside of us to help all that out. But I read in cosmo that thats kind of a flaw that we have that. And I agree. They said we should’ve just been made with the clit there where the gspot is, and we’d be able to orgasm alot better rather then just trying to have to stimulate both places like we most likely always have to do. I do and that’s frustrating. There was only like maybe two times that I came without having to rub myself. And I was amazed because I never thought it could happen. But you know what I wish I could see? I wish I could see like the vagina lengthen when we get excited. Because that’s so cool to me because all these things happen that guys don’t realize all they can tell is that your wet. But your vagina gets longer and all the other tools up there get pushed up! How cool is that? It’s cool to me. And your lips swell and your clit gets bigger although…. never mind. I don’t wanna share that fact about myself with anyone. The guys are already aroused anyway. They got aroused when I say vagina. hah! But you know what’s amazing and fucking scary as hell? HAving a baby.




Have you seen that shit before? The whole thing is like ultra ultra huge!!! And then the head comes out and I’m like awwww fuck no!! I understand why that’s one of the most painful things for a woman to experience. And some ladies lips can’t take it because their kid has a big ass head and they tear! OW!!! your having this kid and he can barely get out but he’s comin’ anyway, and your lips tear…. Fucking hell. And they have to sew em back together. -takes deep breath- and guys are so quick to say “yea I wanna have kids” if we take that literally do you reallly wanna have the kids? And they say that shit because all they gotta do is provide the boys. And people don’t get what I wanna adopt and not give birth. Yea. That’s fuckin’ why. Kinda don’t wanna go through all that shit. Some people think childbirth and pregnancy is beautiful. No that shit is scary as fuck.

Time to go shave my legs.

17 signs you love someone [psh yea right!]

•March 29, 2008 • 6 Comments

So I came across this bulletin when I got on myspace today “17 signs you love someone” and I was reading it and I thought it was complete shit. Well here’s my input for each one.

You look at their profile constantly.

I look at alotta peoples profiles. And yes I look at the person I LIKEs profile alot, but that doesn’t mean your in love. That’s not a sign that you are in love with someone.

When you’re on the phone with them late at night and they hang up, you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago.
This always happens in the begginings of relationships. Everything is always bliss. You think about it cuz it’s still fresh and new. Now later on down the line been seeing the person a few months or so, maybe longer… alright maybe MAYBE that’s a sign you’re falling in love because that feeling is still there. maybe.

You read their Texts and Ims Over and over again.
once again, always happens in the beggining. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you are in love with them. If they said something realllly nice about you, something that made you happy, you’re going to read it again naturally because it made you happy right? If you’re reading something like “hey.” over and over again… that’s just kinda wierd. Still don’t think it means you’re falling in love.
You walk really slow when you’re
with them.

Pretty much… that just sounds rediculous. one of the signs you love each other is because you walk slow together? You went out partying, your tired as fuck! You think when you get out of there you’re going to be walking all heavily fast? No. If you’re not in a rush, you guys are just walking slow because… you’re not in a rush. You enjoy each others company. Its a sign that you’re in like… not love. First date. goes really well. you and your dude/chick are walking up to the door [hopefully you ain’t goin inside for no snacks this early on ;)] You think your whizzing to the door? No. Not unless the date was fucking horrible. So yea. they totally shouldn’tve put that there.

You feel shy whenever they’re around.
Shouldn’t you be more open around the person you are beginnig to love? Being shy and closed up cannot be a sign you love some one. I just don’t see how. your shy in the beginning. Hell if a guy is ultra gorgeous and incredibly amazing I giggle alot I’m quiet and I’m always smiling. I get shy. Because I really LIKE them. Now when I start to like them more, that shyness begins to drift away and you don’t hold back and their “your a goddess” compliment still makes me giggle because I love that! But your not in love. I don’t believe shyness can be apart of falling for a person. idk that’s just me. Puppy love maybe. But thats just a strong like to me.

When you think about them, your heart beats faster but slower at the same time.

Nothing to say here. I actually 100% agree with this one.

You smile when you hear their voice.

If you’re STILL smiling after the blissful months have gone by, yea that’s probably a sign.

When you look at them, you can’t see the other people around you, you just see him/her.

once again, totally agree.

You start listening to slow songs while thinking about them.

That’s a given. That’s not a sign. even with someone you’re reallllly diggin’ that’s always going to be the case. Not necessarily someone you love. Its gunna be that way the whole time through. And usually you don’t purposely put on songs that make you think of them. It just sort of happens. Song comes on you smile because they pop in your head. Still Not necessarily love.

They’re all you think about.
That’s just a little thing called infatuation. -shruggs- shouldn’t get the two mixed up. Not saying that you don’t think about the one you love alot, but I’d still like to assume infatuation first because infatuation can be easily thought about as love but it’s not.

You get high just from their scent.
I see a guy and I say “oh my god you smell soooo good!” and I love it. Not him it. people smell good. sometimes. Remembering something like their scent isn’t necesarrily LOVE.

You realize you’re always smiling when you’re looking at them.

You’re dating a girl and she looks like fuckin…. Angelina or Haley or… me :D. Wouldn’t you be smiling? Infatuation. With love it has to go alot more in depth.

You would do anything for them

I would agree but I’m not going to. Loving your boo isn’t just always about doing things that make them happy. I think it should be ALMOST anything. If you’re willing NOT to do something for them because it could be an issue of any sort, knowing it can effect you or your partner negetively, if you thinking a bit smarter then it could be love. If your still in that dreamy state and she looks SO GOOD! and your still in that sure whatever you want mode, that’s not love.

While reading this, there was one person on your mind this whole time.
Because you LIKE them!

You were so busy thinking about that person, you didnt notice number twelve was missing

Now that is just a really gay reason.

You just scrolled up to check & are now silently laughing at yourself.
kay and then this is where you know the person who wrote this probably was probably just bored. Or stupid. Bored and stupid and INFATUATED with someone.

Just sayin’ thought I’d put in my two cents. 🙂 

mmkay so tell me. What’s do you think is a sign that you could be falling in love?