About Dya

Dya is a woman. A very strong one at that. She is 19 years old and is African American. Don’t let the color of her skin automatically put you in the mindframe of a stereotypical black person. She is quite the opposite. Very much so.

She’s often found sitting infront of the computer writing blog such as these, and or reading up on something she’s never learned about before. When she has money, she plays World of Warcraft. A dork she is, but a very sexy one at that. She thinks talking about herself in third person is pretty fun, which is why she’s doing that right now. If she’s not infront of her computer, she’s either at work, or with her equally sexy darling [okay, maybe he’s a little bit more sexy that she is.] making her happiness meter go up.

She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, singing, listening to music, dancing, and having a great time by herself, or with her friends. She always enjoys meeting new people and interacting with others [although she is secretly a bit anti-social].

Oh yea, and by the way… She’s a goddess.


One Response to “About Dya”

  1. I did my about me section in 3rd person too. I read a few of your posts and I caught myself nodding. Nice blog. 🙂

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