So I’ve been posting every so often but not as much as I use to. I started using my myspace blog again and I’ve slightly forgotten about this one. I’ve posted some of the blogs I’ve posted there on here, and I didn’t want to do that this time so I figured I’d just write one big update about everything that has been going on in my life.

So a few weeks ago I got a job at westgate resorts. As a telemarketer. I fooled myself into believing that it was a wonderful job… well I thought that for the first week but then once I got on the phones I began to seriously seriously hate it. I’d leave there nearly in tears [i wouldn’t dare let myself cry in front of those people; although there was this one time where I couldn’t hold it and I was walking to lunch. I had on very huge shades so that covered it up.] and it was stressing me out waaay too much. That was the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life. People are mean to telemarketers. Mean Mean MEAN! Getting called all sorts of names, getting hung up on, I mean we were offering them nice things but I couldn’t get past “Hello this is Dyamond calling from westgate resorts.” I hated it and I couldn’t wait to find something new.

My mom suggested I apply for walmart and she would help me get in there. Well I applied and ended up getting a call from one of the stores and she didn’t even have to help! It’s not the best job in the world but I think I’ll like it. I like to keep busy. What’s also great about this job is that it pays me more so I’ll finally be able to move out! And I work overnight from 10pm to 7am. So I’ll have time to go to school!

I tried to figure out what that job at westgate was sent to me for. I believe everything has a reason for being in your life the good things and the bad things. But for a little while I thought that the universe just simply hated me and wanted to give me a shitty job. But this job is actually the reason why I went ahead and applied for college. It made me realize that I do need a college education. I want to do something I love and enjoy not something that I’ll hate and have to take just to make ends meet. If I don’t go to school it’ll be harder for me to find a job that will even pay me enough money to live completely alone roommate not included. So that’s the reason it was put in my life. To wake me up and make me take my ass to college!

So I’m very excited about starting in the fall 🙂

My brother is listening to gangster rap in the other room.

someone shoot me now.

Well with this new job I should be able to move out within the next month or so. I plan on moving around the middle of june or early july. Have some time to look for a room with decent rent and have monies to do whatever else I’d need to do in order to move out. I’ve told you guys that will be a major key to my happiness. Getting out of here will make it more possible for me to be completely happy with my life. And I’m so glad that’s happening now. So so so so glad. I could cry. Happy tears 🙂

My hair is brighter, it’s like an auburn color dark auburn. I plan on dying it again within another month or so to make it more lighter. I also plan on stretching my first hole in my ears [i have two in each.] to a 6. maybe eventually 2 [smaller the size bigger the whole] I desire to have more dresses in my wardrobe more clothes other than tshirts and jeans. I don’t know. Slowly but surely I’m changing.

I also desire to have more people in my life. More that I can call my friends. I’ve had a negative outlook on friendship for a very long time and now I’m starting to realize how important it is to have people that care about you in your life. Going through life alone isn’t fun. Relationships hurt. And through my heartbreak and my life struggles I haven’t really had anyone to go to because I wouldn’t open up and trust anyone. And friends aren’t just there for you to pick you up when you fall but also there to just share life with and enjoy and be around and stuff. So just appreciate the people you have in your life. I sure will 🙂

Well the biggest change in my life is I think I may be poly. I met a guy a few weeks ago who was poly, and we started to talk and the connection was definitely there. Eventually we met up for a date and it was fantastic. The following week I went to dinner and met his partner. She’s pretty cool herself. I click with him. I enjoy him. And even though I feel like I should be running away due to the fact he’s already with someone and I’ve never been in this sort of relationship before. But you know it doesn’t bother me. It excites me more than makes me afraid. And now I’m officially his girlfriend. And I’m having thoughts about him leaving me but that’s not stemming from the fact that he already has a partner, it’s just because I’ve been left before in the past. But I’m working through them and he is making an effort to be with me and show me he cares and I know that the more time I am able to spend with him the more secure I’ll feel. So that’s a big change in my life. I’m in a polyamorous relationship with someone. Some people will frown upon this and not think it’s possible. I’ve had enough negativity from the people I know. Unfortunately everyone hasn’t been very supportive and it’s expected. But I’m just trying to surround myself with positive vibes and go through with the choice I’ve made. Who knows maybe one of these days I’ll have a second partner -shruggs- guess we’ll see.

Oh! I went to see rocky horror last weekend at one of our theatres here in orlando. It was pretty cool yet slightly weird. Got rice down my bra, got hit in the head with a beach ball, got toilet paper and paper confetti on me.. but all in all I had a pretty awesome time.

So to summarize everything I got fired from my old job, I got a new job at walmart, I’m slowly starting to branch out and try to include other people in my life. I’m in a polyamorous relationship and I’m poly curious. I’m happy with my life right now. I think my guy is the greatest dork on this earth. And I’m looking forward to things looking up 🙂


~ by dyadya on May 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Updatage!”

  1. That’s great news about about the job! Sounds like it’ll be a great stepping stone and if it’s something you’re happy with, it just makes your productivity so much better. And you’ll be able to get your own place; very exciting. 😉

    Telemarketers don’t get much of a break, do they? I always feel sorry for them. I know they can call at a bad time but that’s no reason to be rude! I save my ire for politicians.

    Hope the relationship works for you as well. I know people judge different relationships but I think as long as everyone consents and are in the relationship(s) for the right reasons, then that’s what matters. You certainly sound a lot happier. 🙂

    And I wouldn’t worry about the updates. It’s quality that counts and I quite like the idea of blogging without obligation; they’re our blogs, so we should be able to update them when we want to, not because we feel like we have to.

  2. They don’t! It’s rough for them but still glad not to be doing it anymore!

    I hope it works out too I’m really enjoying myself so far and I’ve met some really great people within the poly community 🙂

    You’re right. It is our blog. How could I forget that! haha

    Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it 🙂

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Superfluousness.

  4. There was no “point” it was an update about my life. 🙂

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