stop it. reevaluate. get over it.

I’m irritated. I don’t like having negative feelings about girls. But they always cause problems. And it’s pretty much for no reason. And it’s pretty much because they are envious and jealous… for no reason. It’s irritating to walk by a girl and she gives me a dirty look. Why? Because. There is this girl who is in my room with me at work, and she’s always staring. Not in that oh she’s so hot way that everyone else stares, but in that “she think she’s all that” way. And yea, I do.

But what’s wrong with that? People in general spend time being jealous because someone has something that they do not have. Qualities or certain things that they wished they did have. But we all aren’t going to have everything. Someone out there is going to have one more notch under their belt than you do. Always. No matter how good you are, no matter how beautiful you are… No matter what you have, someone is above that. And well that’s just life. You shouldn’t hate someone for that.

I wish that instead of getting jealous and throwing all sorts of negative vibes out into the universe, just love yourself enough to admire another person with nice qualities. We have enough bad shit going on in the world. And some of us have rough lives. And when you add unneeded stress just because someone has something that you don’t, or maybe you do have it but you are intimidated because they have it to it just makes things more bad for you. When I see a pretty girl I’m always like wow she’s beautiful. And it’s not in the attracted to her way [sometimes it is] but sometimes I’m just like wow she’s pretty. Or I admire the confidence she has. Or whatever. I’m not snarling and saying “she think she all that” because maybe she does. And that’s awesome that she does.

I don’t like it when my guy friends get girlfriends. And it’s not because I don’t want them to be happy, I just know that drama closely follows. Because I still kick it with them, everything is cool, and then eventually I get a message, I get a phone call, I get something telling me to back off. Because they feel threatened by me. And then I always tell them dude just calm down. Your guy is with you not me. There is obviously something fantastic about you that he sees and that’s why he’s with you. I dont go around breaking up relationships taking other girls guys from them. But they just see me, I’m pretty awesome, they feel threatened by my awesomeness and feel like I have to be eliminated so homie won’t have no reason to leave her. And see if you let him see that jealousy some of them think it’s cute, some think it makes you a lil crazy, it makes you look insecure, and alotta guys like confidence. they do. You should be confident in yourself and not feel threatened by another female. You are very awesome. Just because there is someone just as awesome as you, doesn’t mean they should automatically die. It’s not worth it dude and if he does leave you for someone else yea that would suck, but still if you know you’re a good person then just know it wasn’t your loss it was his.

I remember back in school alotta people loved Maria and alotta people didn’t. alot of my friends talked about her just because. They always had something to say about her. The girl had confidence out of this world. She was like head of everything. She had it going on. And people always had something to say about her. But she was really cool though. I remember I had some issues going on and she told me I could come stay at her house if I needed time away. this person that everyone loved to hate because she was awesome, was really just a person and she was a nice person at that. People are so quick to judge and say something bad before saying something good. And I hate that.

I don’t go off on tangents feeling threatened by every pretty girl. Every girl who is ultra confident in herself. Ever girl who has cool hair, cool clothes, cool whatever. Life is too short to be adding that unneeded negativity for no reason. I love myself. I carry myself in that manner. Don’t hate me because I do. Don’t change it and make me look stuck up because im not. im just confident. Because you’ll feel pretty stupid when I give you a genuine smile, and a genuine compliment about you. I believe in lifting people up not bringing them down. I believe in praising other people just as much as I praise myself. It makes things alot more smoother.

I just felt like talking about that. Because it’s stupid. And I know some bitch will look at this and take it the wrong way entirely. Because that’s just how they are.


it’s okay. You’re still pretty awesome.


~ by dyadya on April 28, 2008.

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