Feeling very opinionated today.

kay so like I’ve been waiting for the past two weeks for this thing to happen. And I had to wait until like there was 20 minutes left in the day to actually see who I’ve been waiting two weeks to see! But it was worth it. Even though I have to clean my moms nasty shower. -cringes- My like for the person did not go down, I think he’s awesome, and well I can see us having alotta fun together 🙂 So yay. Still happy.People think drinking is no big deal. And it’s not. It’s when you get drunk and hammered when it because completely and utterly STUPID! In my opinion it’s one of the most idiotic choices you can make. One of. Meaning there are lots more stupid things you can do in your life and to youself. Why would someone want to purposely get drunk? You can’t talk right, you can’t walk right, you can’t make good decisions… You sometimes do things and then in the morning you won’t even remember! You throw up which is… disgusting and you know there’s a whole lot more stupidness involved and that can happen while you are under the influence. And then you wake up feelig shitty and its your fault! I don’t get it. Like hearing people talk about it they are so thrilled! And they talk about how they threw up a shitload or hurt themselves or woke up naked outside…. and I’m like yea. you totally don’t sound like an idiot for doing that. Although you dont really have much control over your judgement whule your doing it, you did before when you were drinking earlier. And they name all these bad things that happen, and then they are like “can’t wait to do it again”


seriously…. seriously why? I mean some people drink because they have problems so they go out with their friends because they are fuckin’ miserable, they guy drunk do some STUPID shit and then wake up the next morning feeling sick, AND with the same problems. So guess what you just solved? Noooothing. Go you. Round of afuckingplause huh?

heh… now if you are a number of  my friends who go out and do this, don’t be all mad at my post because you know I still love you 🙂 I think your stupid for wanting to get hammered, but your still cool. Just a bit of an idiot. And most likely I’ve already told you what I think of it. So don’t let me call you and you not talk to me. Because I’m not singling out any one just so you know. Like I said, I was just feeling opinionated today.

This is America.

It’s amazing how like the enviroment your in, something as simple as the school that you go to, can make you a totally different person. I’ve seen alot of people that I went to middle school with, and after I went to edgewater and they went to Evans, they were totally different from me. But back when we were at the same school we were totally on the same page. They had different morals, they spoke differently, dressed differently… It was amazing. But they didn’t change for the better mind you. Not saying that if you went to Evans you were automatically like goind to suck at life because some people who went or go there aren’t influenced by their peers which I’m so glad that those few of you I know are staying true to who you are 🙂 But seriously it’s like thier innocents or something went away and they dumbed down, they didn’t have their head on straight. One girl who use to be my best friend was just a ultra wild…. hoe. And I was just like what happened? Seriously?  But they would say I changed to which yea I did but I didn’t change because of the enviroment I changed and started being who I really was instead of hiding behind who I was not. And that startled some people and maybe thats what they did to? I don’t know.

But umm my ex boyfriend sent me a message a few days ago, just checking up on me. How nice of him. So I went to his page and it said something like “I made it to 18 Grandma” now he’s one of the ones who did go to my school, but he lived in eatonville… ’nuff said. BUT when we went out years and years ago I think I was in what my freshman year? Freshman yr then my sophmore year but he hadn’t been dow here very long at all. So he was nice and sweet and trying to find his place. And I just slowly watched him transform and I just shake my head… I don’t get that. Why would you want to live a lifestyle to where you are trying not to get shot up? Going around being violent doing things that can cause you to go to jail. I don’t get it. Why not “I got my degree grandma” “I finally have my own buisness grandma” Why not give your grandma or whomever something real to be proud of you for. Turn your life around. Make something of yourself. Not selling drugs or what not but a REAL career. See how your grandma, your mom, your dad thinks of you then. And I use to have a problem with people who LOOKED the part and yea I still do because I’m not attracted to that. But just because someone looks that way doesn’t mean they are. There’s a few people at my job golds in their mouth, dreads, blah blah blah but they are making really good money… they are serious about their jobs, and they arent being foolish with it which is good that they are being smart and not following society. I may not wanna date anyone who looks like that but I will look at them differently then the ones who are “just tryin’ to make it to 18”

Dude do you know where the best place in the world is? The fucking dollar store! Not dollar general or family dollar because they are misleading their stuff is cheap but its not a dollar. Dollar Tree. OMG I went there the other day and I was baffled. Seriously. Because I’ve been there when I was younger with my mom she bought me things but as I got older she went I didn’t go or I just didn’t ask for anything. So friday, I actually decided to go to the dollar store by myself for the first time. I fell in love. I fell in love with the dollar store. Did you know you ca get a trashcan there? Allllll your cleaning supplies? You can get dishes!!! I didn’t know they sold dishes in the dollar store! I got hand sanitizer and razors and air freshner. I had to put some stuff back because those dollars add up. But boy was I a happy fuckin’ camper when I left there. 🙂

Dude the vagina is so cool. It is. We have a clit that’s there only for pleasure. And then we have the gspot inside of us to help all that out. But I read in cosmo that thats kind of a flaw that we have that. And I agree. They said we should’ve just been made with the clit there where the gspot is, and we’d be able to orgasm alot better rather then just trying to have to stimulate both places like we most likely always have to do. I do and that’s frustrating. There was only like maybe two times that I came without having to rub myself. And I was amazed because I never thought it could happen. But you know what I wish I could see? I wish I could see like the vagina lengthen when we get excited. Because that’s so cool to me because all these things happen that guys don’t realize all they can tell is that your wet. But your vagina gets longer and all the other tools up there get pushed up! How cool is that? It’s cool to me. And your lips swell and your clit gets bigger although…. never mind. I don’t wanna share that fact about myself with anyone. The guys are already aroused anyway. They got aroused when I say vagina. hah! But you know what’s amazing and fucking scary as hell? HAving a baby.




Have you seen that shit before? The whole thing is like ultra ultra huge!!! And then the head comes out and I’m like awwww fuck no!! I understand why that’s one of the most painful things for a woman to experience. And some ladies lips can’t take it because their kid has a big ass head and they tear! OW!!! your having this kid and he can barely get out but he’s comin’ anyway, and your lips tear…. Fucking hell. And they have to sew em back together. -takes deep breath- and guys are so quick to say “yea I wanna have kids” if we take that literally do you reallly wanna have the kids? And they say that shit because all they gotta do is provide the boys. And people don’t get what I wanna adopt and not give birth. Yea. That’s fuckin’ why. Kinda don’t wanna go through all that shit. Some people think childbirth and pregnancy is beautiful. No that shit is scary as fuck.

Time to go shave my legs.


~ by dyadya on March 31, 2008.

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