Sometimes it’s not enough just to be a good guy…

A guy that I was seeing like a year ago sent me a text the other day. He texts me randomly sometimes and I usually get annoyed and stop speaking to him for a while. Because he’s still “in love” with me and doesn’t understand why I’m not “in love” with him. Anyway this last text he sent I said hey how are you? And he responded that he was tired of women. And I asked why, and he replied that they all suck. I replied with “well, they all think the same about you.” And he says great well at least I know how you feel about me. Cmon cry me a river! Shut up! I hate when guys complain about something that they don’t even need to complain about. I didn’t say that’s how I felt, I said that’s how most women felt. I meant about guys in general. Not about him.

But anyway he was all “when will they realize when a good man is in front of them. It seems like they are always attracted to asses.” And I told him that although your intentions are good with treating the woman right, there has to be more than just that. Just that you have good intentions of treating a woman right. And yea, some of them are attracted to jerks but the key word is they are attracted to them. No, they shouldn’t be but they are.

It’s not enough to just be the guy who sends flowers, who’s sweet and romantic, and who will take care of you and love you. It is enough, but see a woman doesn’t know that right away. If the person isn’t attracted to you in any way then all that stuff doesn’t matter. Because she isn’t drawn to you by a personality trait or your looks. If you have nothing in common and you have no common ground, that can make a woman not want you. Although you’re a sweet guy she can’t relate to you. So all the things that come with you don’t matter. If you’re sweet but she doesn’t agree with your lifestyle, maybe your a drinker or maybe your a smoker. It may turn her off.

The things you wanna do for her once she’s yours is fantastic. But that’s only one of the factors though unfortunately. It’s more than just I will treat you right. The fact that you will treat her right, is like what will make her stay with you if she’s really diggin’ you. But if you have nothing appealing about you that draws her to you in the first place… well then. sorry.

With him I think he was lying. Or caught up in some emotion that he thought was love, but was lust. I think it was lust because everytime he talked to me he talked about how hard I made him. And how he wanted to do all sorts of things to me. But yet he loved me? In such a short time at that. I do love sex, but that’s not the only thing I look for. And I do mean literally everytime we talked that’s what he talked about. And I asked is that all you want from me? And he’d say no. But continue on talking about that… ugh. Oh and the fact that he wore shitty shoes. idk but it’s something about a guys shoes that are….attractive? Idk if that’s the word. But if I see a guy one of the first things I do is look at what kind of shoes he’s wearing. If I don’t like them, then I pretty much won’t talk to them. And I saw him with this ugly ugly white sneakers on, and he didn’t have on socks. And I was like ew. and… yea. heh. Oh well.

 But do you agree with me though? Tell me what you think.


~ by dyadya on March 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sometimes it’s not enough just to be a good guy…”

  1. “If the person isn’t attracted to you in any way then all that stuff doesn’t matter.”

    I agree with that.

  2. The shoe thing makes you sound shallow. I hope you are not.

    You are 19 though.

  3. I’m not shallow.
    And you missed the whole point of the whole blog since you only focused on the last paragraph.

    And me being 19 has nothing to do with anything. Since I’m 19 I’m automatically shallow?

    Anyway I wrote a good 5 paragraphs 4 of which actually had my point and you focused on the fact that I didn’t like his shoes. Or shoes in general. it’s a pet peeve. doesn’t mean shallow. Nor does it have ANYTHING to do with my age.


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