The difference between a beautiful man, and a handsome man.

I use to think it was wierd to call a man beautiful. Because I felt like beautiful was for women and handsome was the equivalent of a womans beauty, just in a man…ly way. I still think that’s true. BUT I do believe that a man can be beautiful.

I’ve seen a few men that were simply beautiful. And the word handsome doesn’t fit. It had to be beautiful you know?

A beautiful man is not less masculine than a handsome man, a handsome man to me is a traditionally good looking guy. Fits all the generic qualities of a good looking man you know?  A beautiful man has something different and unique out there about him. A beautiful man is more of a work of art than a handsome man is.  vitas

Vitas. He, is a very beautiful man. Something about him is just more than handsome to me… He’s a beautiful man and that doesn’t take away from his mascuilinity, he’s just beautiful you know?

Brad PItt

Brad Pitt. The man is gorgeous. He is handsome. Doesn’t mean he’s less attractive but in a sense he is to me because he is a traditionally sexy man. He’s good looking but he doesn’t have that extra “thing” that makes him stand out.

 Taye Diggs                                                       

Taye Diggs is a very beautiful man. -Fans self- But see he is masculine very masculine. But he’s still beautiful like vitas is beautiful you see?

And then there are the guys that don’t fit either category but are just cute like… Ashton Kutcher. He’s hot. But neither handsome or beautiful in my opinion.  I just felt like sharing that. I woulda posted more pictures but then I would’ve been late to work drooling over them all.  I had fun with this post.

Opinions always welcome 🙂


~ by dyadya on February 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “The difference between a beautiful man, and a handsome man.”

  1. thanks for the comment. 🙂 *hugs* back at ya!

  2. Hey! I agree! I am a huge Vitas fan and some of us were talking about this just the other day. Same opinion-Vitas is beautiful; handsome does not quite fit. But in no way does his beauty makehim less masculine-it is just different than handsome.

  3. See I think Ashton is the handsomest man in the free world in a masculine way. To me Ashton Kutcher is BEAUTIFUL. I also think Taye Diggs is beautiful and handsom, but he is more handsome than he is beautiful. I also love his smile. Taye Diggs is handsome, but for some reason I don’t think I’d choose to go to bed with him OVER Ashton Kutcher, So I can see the “Hot” factor with Ashton which you are talking about. I definetly think Ashton is more sexy and taller. I would therefor sleep with Ashton Kutcher over Taye Diggs. Taye has too much of a baby face but YES he is beautiful!!!

  4. Brad Pitt is way over rated. The last time he looked good was in the Vampire movie. And I think Goerge Clooney is Mr. Handsome himself. I also have a thing for deep brown eyes. I don’t care for blue anyway. I always though Brad was gorgeous,and would never turn down a sex fest with a guy like him. BUt Ashton is the king, He’s just so much better looking than Brad Pitt.
    Some people like Beckman, but I don’t. I think he is too average.
    Do you agree?

  5. Af for Vitas he just looks gay. Sorry. I wouldn’t sleep with him. I am sure he wouldn’t sleep with me either. Lol. I am just talking about men I would love to sleep with, but can’t LOL!

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