Okay so this may actually be true…

So I read my horoscope for today here’s what it said;

“Going over old relationship territory can be quite comfortable, but not exactly what you want at this time. You are tired of the same old story, yet it may have to play out one more time before you can retire it and move on. Stay cool; there’s something important you must learn before entering into the next phase.”

I still don’t exactly believe in horoscopes and I don’t believe that the events need to play out again before I move on to the “next phase” as it says.

…whatever that is.

But it’s just a coincidence how the whole break up happened, thinking about being with him and only him, and this one pops up.

-shruggs- I must take my sister to school now. Maybe I’ll post something else more worth reading when I wake up a bit more later. heh.

Have a happy monday darlings <33


~ by dyadya on January 28, 2008.

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