Celebrities ARE just people. That’s not very hard to understand.

This one magazine company that sends me my magazines every month, also sends me OK magazine and some other ones that I totally never asked for for free.

Anyway  sometimes I give OK a glance through, but usually I’m just like…okay… so what!

The part that I think is really stupid in that magazine is the section “It’s OK! To be real” And then they have like picture of celebs doing things with captions next to it like “They take their kids to the park” or “They go grocery shopping”

No shit! They ARE people! That’s no brand new news. Celebrities get sick, they get mad, they fall in  love, fall out of love, use the toilet just the same as we do.

And I just look at stuff like that and I’m just so? Yay for them they went to get food. Or starbucks. Or went to the video store who cares!

But it’s our fault. Of course this is nothing we all don’t know but it is. We feed into all this stuff, and it brings these people money, so they will keep doing ridiculous things like this to entertain us which is a shame that we get entertainment out of something so petty like seeing who Jessica Simpson is dating or not dating or who Paris was seen at the club with. I understand that they may have lives that alot of us out there wish we had. All the money and people loving us… but it’s still just stupid. There are so many many many other important things out there that should be focused on, rather than who wore what on the red carpet.

You know when I pay attention to them? When they are doing the thing that they are getting paid to do. If I see a movie that has the person in it or if Beyonce is doing a concert. I pay attention then. And if I really like a person I may look up things about them like their life biography or something of that nature. I don’t go all obsessed with petty things like gossip about them. I’ll read articles about them giving to a charity or if they had a bad moment in their life, how they over came it. But other than that I can care less about lindsay lohan getting drunk. I don’t care. lots of people get drunk. We all forget that these people are human and they are not error-proof. They are not perfect. They will make good and bad choices like us all. It’s a shame that they have to go through all their struggles with everyone watching. I think it could just make things wrose.

I feel sorry for Brittany Spears. Because… well she’s going through things. She probably needs help. She probably needs friends and support. I know she knows all the things folks are saying about her. And I know that may not be helping. I wonder if we had more positivity in the media like telling her it’s okay, saying that they are rooting for her to turn around. Have that positive vibe buzzing around her instead of all this negativity and such, if we’d really see a difference. I know if I had a large positive cheering section instead of it being like me against the world almost, and I Was going through things, I’d probably do alot better.

That’s just me.

I just think time can be well spent on many many other things.

Focus on their talent. Not the petty issues in their lives that we make soo big. Remember that they are just people. People with a shit load of money.

That’s all.


~ by dyadya on January 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Celebrities ARE just people. That’s not very hard to understand.”

  1. I really liked your post. Its a realistic view of the stars. However, the problem with these stars like Lindsay is that they are role models for young girls. Paris Hilton, Britney.. their bad behaviour rubs off. It really does. It filters down into our society. People look up to them for whatever reason and want to be just like them. They go into debt to wear the same clothes as they do, and to have the same hair. Its a sad statement of fact.

    I think one of the things one must accept when becoming a star is a certain understanding that your actions will have consequences. They are seen by the whole world. Not that I think that is great, and yeh, these people should have a private life, but its part of the deal.

    Thanks for your post..

  2. Yea. You’re right. Unfortunately young girls look up to them. Hell even older ones do. Society pays so much attention to these people going to extreme lengths to be like them. You’re right. It’s a sad statement.

    Although young girls look at them, and yes the celebs know what they are getting into once they start their lives as celebs, but I also think that parents should also talk to their children. Let them know that they must be their own person and not try to live up to or like these people. Be their own leader and don’t follow anyone. Well, that’s what my mother taught me. ‘course kids don’t always listen and yea, the younger celebrities like lindsay and brittney even should take that into consideration when they do things.

    But Fame and Fortune does have a price I guess. lol.

    Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. Paris Hilton, Britney – they really don’t know what to do next in order to get more attention… I can’t understand how it is possible to love them…

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