Scientology… -takes a deep breath-

I don’t really like to talk about religion because I don’t feel like it’s my place to judge what other people believe.

BUT today, I kinda feel like talkin bout it.

My blog right? can say whatever I feel.

I kinda got curious about scientology. I mean I’ve heard things about it but I never really knew what it was. So I decided to look it up and see for myself.

At first, I was like alright what’s so bad about this?

Buuuut then I kept reading and then it just started getting really… ridiculous.

I don’t understand how people believe these things but they do…
The God and the Devil were implanted in the “thetans” when they all got shipped to some movie theatre to watch clips for like 36 days?

Some of the bad thoughts that we had were implanted in our minds by aliens.

And like there are flying saucers dropping off spirits or whatever they are to earth cuz its the prison planet apparently.

And once upon a time they use to have people looking out for flying saucers. But then that stopped. hmmm… I wonder why?

I don’t know. It just seems like some guy wanted to see if he could make his own religion. He was a science fiction author wasn’t he? He knew how to make up things. I think… his imagination went a bit too wild, or he was hungry for power or… something. Maybe he was just plain crazy.

It is a religion simply by definition but I think it just got a bit too realistic.

These are only the facts that I’ve read. Maybe if I talked to someone who was a scientologist, they could give me a better understanding of why they believe this way of life…

I don’t like knocking peoples beliefs but I just believe that this is a bit insane to actually believe all these things are true.

I don’t exactly have a religion. I do believe in God, but that is kind of where it stops. I pray, I will never step foot in church again for my own reasons that I have, and I don’t believe that everything in the bible is true.

So I’m not saying bad things about it because of my religion because I don’t have one. Nor am I saying that it’s wrong to be a christian, jew, buddist, muslim. There is nothing wrong with any of those. I won’t even say there is anything wrong with being a scientologist.

It is just… really really hard to believe I guess. And it just baffled me to know that that is actually a religion, that millions of people partake in.

Oh well. -shruggs-

Maybe the aliens have my mind implanted with so much stuff that I can’t see that the way of the scientologist is right and is not indeed crazy.


Well, everyone is entitled to think and believe and do whatever they like.

And well if that’s what they believe then I respect them for staying true to their umm… religion. Regardless of what people may say about it.



~ by dyadya on January 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Scientology… -takes a deep breath-”

  1. It’s simple, every religion is nonsense, aliens, spirits, angels, gods, its all the same bullshit.
    Every one thinks someone else’s religion is absurd but somehow they manage to still belive his own…

  2. This was a very thoughtful and interesting post. Spirituality is such a personal thing.

    Unfortunately, so many organized religions involve oppression. “My religion is the only religion” and if you don’t believe like I do, God won’t love you. I don’t buy it. It’s an exercise in seperation.

    We’re all striving for the same experience, love. To me, getting there is an exercise in forgiveness.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. 🙂

  3. To the scentolo…guy yea. That’s true. Everyone thinks their religion is the best. I don’t think they are all nonsense though. Some of them are pretty good religions. Just there are so many hypocrites out there these days. I believe that if you are going to represent your religion and stand by it strongly, then you shouldn’t do it half assed. Like you shouldn’t say you are christian and do un christian like things. I mean not like little minor things but you get what I mean. I don’t think people should try to say anything to anyone about their religion unless they are living it very thoroughly. Even then no one should never force their religion upon anyone.

    My sensei Spirituality is a very personal thing. It confuses the hell outta me sometimes to be honest lol. It is an exercise in separation. I hate how some are like “If you don’t believe in this you are going to hell.” And it’s really no place for anyone to judge anyone if they are going to hell or not. Who really knows if there is one? But well that’s a whole nother story entirely I guess lol.

    But you are right. 🙂

    And you’re welcome darling 🙂 I love your blog <33

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