I’d throw my panties at him.

My ex introduced me to this guy. Vitas. Oh my friggen goodness. His voice just makes me… -passes out.- It gets down inside of you and it’s like he’s lifting your soul outta your body and making it all clean again. You know… or something.

I’d marry him. Even if I don’t know how to speak Russian.

But see how his voice makes me feel so good, makes me cry a good cry. It makes me feel better. That’s why I wanna pursue music. Because it brings me so much joy. And lots of other people. It just has this way of making you feel okay. Even if there’s no words. Even if you can’t understand the language… it’s a beautiful thing.

I love classical music. There’s just something about it you know? It’s beautiful. And if I were to sing I’d sing classical music. Be an opera singer or something. That. Would be like the best thing ever.

I can hear my mom now like “Where the money in that how much do those types of singers get paid?” And you know I don’t know. But I’m not choosing music as my profession because of the money. I’m choosing it because it brings me the most joy. I have a huge passion for it. If you have passion for your job then you’ll love going to work every single day. 🙂

Know who else I’d throw my panties at?

Gerard Butler. [[From the phantom of the opera… the movie.]]

In the movie his voice is really intoxicating. And I guess that means that he played his part well right? Because it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Had I been in her position, I’d choose the phantom over Raul any day. Just sing to me baby. And I would never leave you.


Who woulda thought that in a few years he would be screaming “THIS IS SPARTA!” in like one of the greatest movies like… ever. [talkin’ bout 300 for those who may not know] It’s crazy how talented some actors are.

And singers.

And composers.
I really do give it up to composers.
To compose those beautiful pieces the way they do… I know it’s not easy. To think someone really creates all this beautiful music?
It’s great.

Well alright that’s all… for now.

I was trying to stray away from the emo posts I’ve been posting lately because of my break up.

But more on that later. I don’t wanna make myself more sad.

Thanks for reading. ❤


~ by dyadya on January 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “I’d throw my panties at him.”

  1. Ahhh Vitas!!! I was introduced to him by this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8hBO3eWXIA

    Its soooo hilariously funny! Well, at least I thought so. I have a sense of humour that others call “unique” heh.

    Anyway, I unfortunately haven’t seen the Phantom of the Opera, but I love musicals. Wow that clip you embedded, it makes me want to see it soooooo much!

    What stage name would you use? Dya? I already have a few bands and singers I need to watch out for in the future, I’d be happy to add you to my small list 🙂

  2. lol
    That video is funny.
    I loooove that song though!

    I love musicals as well!
    Another one of my dreams is to write one one of these nmes.

    Idk what name I’d use.

    Dya my nickname I could use that. And it is a bit unique.
    But Dyamond, my real name, I could use that too.
    I dunno.
    Maybe I’ll go by both. lol.

  3. Love the name of this post. It gave me a good laugh. Good to see you in better spirits. Have a good weekend and go out and do something good for yourself. 🙂

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